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We Service and Repair Pumps and Systems Globaly

  • Overhead crane to 10T with 8Meter under the hook.

  • completes machine shop facilities,

  • dynamic balancing,

  • 1400Ltr LN2 storage for shrink fitting and stress relieving parts

  • Safe working pit for assembly area

  • Electrical testing equipment 

We are able to undertake work on many pumps and are specialist in the shaft repairs and reconditioning and shrink fitting and machining of rings and bushings and linings.




All components of an assembly that are required to rotate should be balanced, examples of such components are fans, rotors, impellers and shafts. Imbalance in a part causes unwanted vibration which in turn can cause many other problems such as increased wear to components, loud noise and discomfort,  decreased performance of components and catastrophic failure.

Dynamic balancing is a method of measuring the imbalance in a component using electronic equipment whilst the part is rotated at high speeds, once imbalance is measured it can be corrected by adding or removing material from a part in the appropriate location.  In some cases a part may become imbalanced due to bending and can be corrected using a procedure of straightening.

At our UK based facility in Poole, Dorset we can provide balancing services for shafts motors up to 3 tones. We use an overhead crane with 8 metres below it’s 2 hooks which are capable of carrying up to 10 tones as well as a forklift with a rated capacity of 2.5 tones


We are able to undertake low volume machining of medium to large components. Horizonal boring,turning.milling and surface finishing.

Shrink fitting is a method of fitting components that use an interference fit, it does this using thermal contraction i.e. a component such as a bushing can be cooled using liquid nitrogen (LN2) which causes it to become smaller and easily fit into it’s housing until it becomes warm again and returns to it’s original size. This method is better than fitting the components using force or heat because it won’t damage the surfaces of the components.

We are able to undertake low volume machining of medium to large components. Horizonal boring,turning.milling and surface finishing.

Servicing electric motor and pumps for the power and gas industry.

We have been serving the gas industry for over 40 years service repairs to submersable cryogenic pumos. We have experience with shinko, cryostar,airco,J.C CARTER and have been authorised agent for Ebara Int in the uk for the last 10 years. We have experience with ship board and palnt shore based pumps up to 7.5 tons. We are liscensed by the environments agency to be compliant with naturally occuring radioton,and can clean and decontaminate during disassembly. MAINTENANCE REPAIRS 




SINCE 1979

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